Technical Content that Makes Sense

Whether it is for user interface strings or user documentation, translating technical content needs to ensure precision and accuracy in terminology in order to reach the users. It is imperative that content matches precisely the locale terminology to avoid costumer frustration and in many cases to assure safe use of products and solutions.

Brazil is by far the largest Portuguese speaking audience, with over 200 million inhabitants and one of the biggest and strongest markets in developing countries. When it comes to technology and communication industries, Brazil historically figures among the top five audiences in the world due to its cultural traces and particularities.

The biggest players in all industries, from Google to Microsoft, are very much aware and take advantage of this fact, by guaranteeing their products, services and entire communication is properly localized into Brazilian Portuguese.

In the case of technical documentation, localization is key to assure that key information is accurately transposed, sounding familiar and exactly how clients in the target regional market know it.

By providing the best practices in localization, which involve enforcing consistency and accuracy to correct terminology helps to guarantee effective communication, leading to concrete savings and high levels of customer satisfaction.

The Benefits of Localization

Providing meaningful content for Costumer Care & Relations

Mitigate legal and compliance issues in local markets

Improving user experience and overall client satisfaction

  • User Interface Strings
  • Hardware User Manuals
  • Help Documentation
  • User Guides
  • User Agreements
  • App UI
  • Business Documentation
  • Technical Datasheets
  • Linguistic & Usability Tests

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