Book Translation

Literary Talent to Provide the Best Translation

As an experienced writer and researcher, I am able to provide accurate and high-quality translations for both fiction and non-fiction content for the publishing industry and authors targeting a Brazilian Readership.

My portfolio comprise titles of acclaimed contemporary French and German philosophers translated into Brazilian Portuguese. I have also been appointed as the official Brazilian translator for the collected works of the German-Czech Philosopher Vilém Flusser published in Brazil by É Realizações Editora.

Besides book translations, I have also a solid track record of translating conferences, scientific papers and research articles in the main field of Humanities published in scientific Reviews and specialized Magazines.

Translated Titles:

A comunidade inoperada, 2016
[La communauté desoeuvrée, Jean-Luc Nancy]


O Universo das imagens técnicas, 2019 [chapters]
[Ins Universum der technischen Bilder, Vilém Flusser]


Do sujeito ao projeto – Humanização, In Press
[Vom Subjekt zum Projekt. Menschwerdung, Vilém Flusser]

  • Contemporary Philosophy
  • Fiction
  • Media Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • Photography
  • Humanities
  • Children’s books

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